Blundstone Boots - Protecting You From Outdoor Elements & Medieval Swords

Durable and rugged, sure, we've heard that.  Protecting you from the elements in the wild or in the big city is one thing, but Irina Dvalidze on also noted that Blundstone's are "The Boots That Can Literally Survive a Medieval Sword."

The article talks about her filmmaking work, and the moment she discovered that a pair of Blundstones (Blundstone 063 Chelsea Boots in Black) can also protect her foot from being impaled by a medieval sword - a heavy one that accidentally fell on her foot during a shoot. Instead of a trip to the ER, Blundstone's helped keep the cameras rolling.  

"There was barely a scratch on the textured leather that had quite literally just saved my foot." Find out more and read the full article at