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Unisex Extreme Series
Safety Boots - Black

Made from flame-retardant leather and featuring a metatarsal guard, the #971 is designed specifically for smelter work.

Available by special order.

AS 2210.3:2019 / ASTM F2413-18 including EH (Clause 5.6)
Available in sizes 4 - 14

Built to protect.

The #971 safety boots are packed with features including:


Designed for smelter work with flame retardant leather, flame resistant toe scuff cap protection and compression resistant 8 point Ssoftherm® upper insulation against radiant heat.
Comprehensive internal testing and risk analysis should be completed prior to using these products, as site and operating conditions vary between locations.


The outsole is heat resistant to temperatures up to at least 300°C and has a very high insulating value providing short term resistance to melting and cracks at higher than normal temperature ranges that may be encountered in an industrial environment.


Kevlar® stitching provides maximum strength and protection against metal splash and immersion.


A non-intrusive metatarsal guard provides protection for the top of the foot against a common traumatic foot injury—fractures of the metatarsal bones.


Where there is a risk that a person may come in contact with a live electrical circuit, electrical shock hazard footwear will provide the best possible protection against electrical shock hazard.
This boot is certified to ASTM F2413-18. Clause 5.6 for electrical shock hazard resistance.


Broad fitting Type 1 steel toe cap tested to resist a 200 joule impact. Steel is the safest toe cap material available, providing the highest level of resistance to impacts, punctures, cuts, and rolling side compression.

Designed to work

& specifications


The #971 smelter boot offers metatarsal protection and Kevlar® stitched seams to resist liquid metal splash. It also offers an easy release for fast exit and entry with its Velcro secured flaps.


  • Black flame-retardant leather ‘extreme application’ smelter boot—230mm height
  • Non-intrusive metatarsal guard protection
  • Ultra-tough, flame-retardant toe scuff cap protection
  • Compression-resistant 8 point Ssoftherm® upper insulation against radiant heat
  • Full Kevlar® stitched seams resist liquid metal splash and immersion
  • Velcro secured flaps for individual fit adjustment—fast exit and entry
  • Industry ‘Dip’ tested to 960˚C in molten aluminium & 1520˚C in molten steel
    Comprehensive internal testing and risk analysis should be completed prior to using these products, as site and operating conditions vary between locations
  • Low density shock absorbing PU midsole with anti-bacterial agent
  • Rubber outsole designed to specifically increase slip resistance in varied environments
    • excellent cut and slip resistance
    • highly resistant to hydrolysis and microbial attack
    • heat resistant to 300˚C
    • oil, acid & organic fat resistant
  • Removable Comfort Arch footbed with XRD® Extreme Impact Protection forepart insert provides superior comfort
  • Anti-bacterial, washable and breathable footbed
  • SPS Max—XRD® Technology in the heel strike zone for increased impact protection
  • Ergonomically engineered toe spring for reduced wearer fatigue
  • Steel shank—ensures correct step flex point, assists with skeletal stability
  • Full heel breast with arch support for ladder and gantry safety
  • Electrical hazard resistant
  • Broad fitting Type 1 steel toe cap tested to resist a 200 joule impact

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  • 300ºC resistant
  • Electrical hazard resistant
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Metguard protection
  • Oil/Acid resistant
  • Organic fat/oil resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • SPS max comfort
  • Steel toe cap
  • Water resistant upper

PU - Polyurethane


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