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Blundstone People



For our 150th birthday in 2020, we reached out to Blundstone wearers all over the world to hear their stories. They're a diverse bunch of people, but all trailblazers in their own way. After all, our boots might not change the world, but the people who wear them just might.

Kimberly Cruz

Ceramicist | Melbourne, Australia

Lauren Weeks

Embroiderer | Tasmania, Australia

Suwa Im

Fashion Illustrator | Seoul, South Korea

Christoph Hammel

Winemaker | Kirchheim, Germany

Jessica Sipos

Actress & Philanthropist | Vancouver Island, Canada

Katie Abdilla 

Rider | Tasmania, Australia 

Mick Thomas

Musician | Melbourne, Australia

Jerome Junqua

Gardener | Bidart, France

Ingrid Eneriz

Content Creator & Mother | Brittany, France

Tap Dogs

Performers | Newcastle, Australia

Saxon Hornett

Composer | Tasmania, Australia

Rodney Dunn

Restaurateur & Author | Tasmania, Australia

Analiese Gregory

Chef | Tasmania, Australia

Beth Moresi

Carpenter | Melbourne, Australia

Tim Chesterman

Farmer | Tasmania, Australia

Brett Bellchambers

Endurance Cyclist | Australia

Tempe Adams

Elephant Biologist | Botswana

Georgie Vozar

Potter | Tasmania, Australia