Jessica Sipos


Vancouver Island, Canada

Jessica grew up with four older brothers and spent a lot of time in the forests of the Pacific Northwest of Canada trying to keep up with them.

Born on Vancouver Island Jessica is an avid nature lover who loves spending her time exploring outdoors. In her early years she worked as a kayak and rock-climbing instructor before turning her focus to film and television.

Throughout it all, I’ve learned you can wind up in the most magical places when you just keep putting one boot in front of the other.

The forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest were Jessica’s playground but also her testing grounds. How far could she hike before calling it a day? How high could she climb a tree or scale a rock? How long could she last in the waters of her local lake before scrambling out?

The wilderness of the Pacific Northwest taught Jessica that you can’t let every little inconvenience, or discomfort or barrier that gets in your way slow you down. She’s had many tests in life where the strength and determination she learnt in her upbringing have seen her through to the other side.

These lessons have allowed her to build a successful career as an actress and philanthropist, and the opportunity to pass on her experience and love of the great outdoors to the next generation—her very aptly named son, Woods.