Work Boot Safety Standards


Protecting your feet.
Understanding work boot safety standards:

All Blundstone safety footwear complies to the Australian Safety Standard AS 2210.3:2019. The objective of this Standard is to provide manufacturers and users with requirements for footwear intended for use in workplace applications.

Safety footwear is defined as:

‘Footwear that incorporates protective features to protect the wearer from injuries which could arise through accidents, fitted with toe caps, designed to give protection against impact when tested at an energy level of at least 200 Joules and against compression when tested at a compression load of at least 15kN.’

The testing for standard AS 2210.3:2019 compliance covers many facets of the footwear construction including design, upper construction (including leather properties), linings, durability and slip resistance of outsole materials, insoles, toe protection and specific ergonomic features.

Certain workplace environments require additional protective features in footwear including penetration resistance, electrical properties, water resistance and metatarsal protection—these requirements are also addressed in additional clauses in the above standard.

It is imperative that the correct safety footwear is selected for the intended application.

Workplace environments and risk factors vary enormously, and H&S risk assessments should be conducted before choosing footwear protection.